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The Alternative Learning Lane offers many pathways to success - from the student who needs an alternative environment to aid in education, to summer school for students who need to step up or go forward to keep in tune with the fast paced student populations, to SAT and ACT prep class - or classes for the gifted student who seeks more challenge than the mainstream.

From the Director...

“At the Alternative Learning Lane our goal is to assist educators and professionals in helping adolescents with their academic goals by creating an individualized traditional or non-traditional education plan to attain their goals and achieve success.  We also provide coaching and counseling regarding the student’s career exploration and assessment, transition goals, self-determination, social/emotional learning and independent living skills.”                      Jeannine J. Lane


Together we can achieve the extraordinary.


Mission Statement:  

Passionately committed to make a difference in our youth, to positively impact their families and to improve our communities.